Alejandro H. Madrid was born in Venezuela, in the middle 80's, he began to pursuit a career always looking for the right place where visual aestethics and technical vision approaches meet. Navigating between graphic design, advertising, film and photography, found his way trhough the camera, the light and the composition.

Always pushing the image to the boundaries of significations. Experimentation with a lot of technical expertise is always his motto, working many years as DIT, in commerciales and fiction, has learned from greats DPs and Directors the artistic vision of the things, while he was developing his technical expertise several years before he learned in the ESCAC.

Currently living in Barcelona, is also founder of the first Tabletop studio of Spain, Finesse Films. Where he and his best friend Adrián Egea work together as a Director & Dop Duo, called A/A, they are specialized in high speed, motion control and high-end imagery.

Have filmed several shorts films, now is the preproduction of two features, from Adolfo Bueno and Xavier Mirralles, ready to be in theathers in 2021.